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Alert manager is a unique concept that is aimed at sending alerts to people. Imagine a situation wherein an earthquake is impending in the bay area of California and the geographical institute wants to alert all the residents of that area. If you are already a subscriber to the alert service of the geographical institute, you will be sent an alert as a text message on your mobile or a fax or a phone or through your msn messenger etc.
The same concept can be extended to traffic jams, epidemics, to employees within an organization or missing children.

Savitr co-developed this project along with the client. The project had three distinct modules

1. Provider of Alerts

2. Receiver of Alerts

3. Administrator

Provider of Alerts

An alert provider (Institute, organization, police force) could create a number of alert services of their own. Provider could choose from various alert services based on his need. The pricing of alerts was based on a subscription fee, price per alert, type of device(s) chosen to deliver the alert etc. The provider was also provided value added services like customizing the web page based on his requirements. The custom configuration of the web site was dynamic and exhaustive. The provider could alter the colors of each section of the web site manage header, footers, buttons and so forth. This feature was particularly useful to providers who wanted to link the alert service to their existing web site so that customers subscribing for the alerts would not face a loss of visual continuity and the alert web site would look quite similar to the provider's web site.


Receiver of alerts

The receiver of alerts could specify the device on which he wants to receive the alert (Text message on a mobile, Fax, email, Phone, Messenger etc). He could also specify his quiet time along with his time zone so that messages do not disturb him during his specified quiet time.

The site also provides complete integration of payment and also has a robust administrative panel for the providers, receivers and the administrator. Complete accounting details, alert service details, subscriber details and a multitude of relevant reports makes this application an exhaustive one.

The site was an exercise in scheduling and multi device interfacing. The application had to be absolutely robust and fail proof. Sufficient redundancy had to be built in so that the application is live 24X 7. The scheduling algorithm had to be delicately optimized so that it worked efficiently without posing an overhead on the entire application. The site had to be designed to handle tens of millions of alerts on a daily basis without affecting the application speed. The site also features error alerts to the admin in case of a malfunction of some part of the application.

The application is in its early beta stage and needs to undergo stress testing and load testing once the functionality is completed. The site was developed in the .NET frame work using ASP.NET and C# with SQL 2000 as the database.


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