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Mr. Steve Titierud
Wonderful job!! Savitr was absolutely terrific on this project. They researched, then implemented an Open Source solution for a search tool problem.They creatively navigated through some unanticipated, messy problems which arose during the project. They produced multiple graphic redesigns without complaint. They have displayed a genuine commitment to the customer's satisfaction - not merely the words, but the real thing! We will use them in additional projects. I recommend them with no reservation.
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'Savitr' , a word derived fromt the ancient India Vedic Hymn, Gayatri Mantra, menas the primal force or being that enpowers all sources of energy and other such forms in this universe. In essence, Savitr is a spring of eternal energy.

Professionals having a passion for adding value to the service or product offers of businesses have established Savitr Software Services (P) Ltd. The vehicle chosen for delivery of this value addiotns is IT consulting and implementation of end-to-end information technology solutions. Savitr looks for immense satisfaction from the value addition it provides to the customer.

The promoters of Savitr have an earnest desire to build an institution with certain values. These values will drive the organization and will from the basis to conduct the business with its customers.

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